An obvious URL is a great URL. The more-descriptive name/subdomain choices are part of a movement towards simplifying where this information can be found. With the cacophony of abbreviations, aliases, and half-recognized vanity names floating around, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know where to find much of anything. This has to stop. With ...


Yes please. I fail to see how better annotation tools could make the site worse other than adding to the loading time a bit. In my opinion when it comes to reverse engineering, annotation and presentation is very important.


I would like to see this, and why not? On Math, we can use LaTeX like this: $\LaTeX$. To make a normal dollar sign, one can use \$. On Electrical Engineering, we use \$\LaTeX\$. The $ makes a normal dollar sign. This is because the $ delimiters caused problems (relevant meta). I would like to see TeX on the site, but it isn't that important to use $ for ...


Yes, it should be explicitly mentioned in the FAQ. It could be explicitly specified either as a topic in the list of good-topics or as a separate line under the list. I would prefer it being added as a point in the list of good topics.


HTTPS connections to the questions and answers site have been requested for a long time but are currently not supported. If you're using Stack Exchange as your OpenID provider, you can connect to https://stackexchange.com/ and log in there. Even if you connect to http://stackexchange.com/, assuming you haven't been redirected to another site by an active ...


I think both should be merged into anti-debugging


I actually tend to disagree. There are more reasons why some questions are flagged as it is too broad: It is very generic (e.g. 'How to reverse?') and it would require a long time (and quiet a bit of work) to (properly) answer it. The enquire is unsure about what we wants to know due to a lack of prior knowledge. Deducing the correct question can be an ...


Two solutions that come to my mind are : If possible, an additional hashtag be used #reverseengineering If not, only #reverseengineering be used


Good catch. winapi Done.


While I agree with the overall idea, I wouldn't exactly "waste" (hope you forgive the strong word) 20-30% of vertical screen estate to highlighting the tag wikis. Instead I would go with the top-X (e.g. X == 10) from the popular tags tab nicely in a single line, no bigger than they appear under a question. The reason this still should work, is because the ...

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