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1 answer

What should be the policy for singular/plural tags?

Should tags be singular like compiler or plural like debuggers ? Alternatively, should both versions of a tag be created and made synonyms ?
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should we specify a tag for kernel reverse engineering?

Should kernel reverse engineering have its specific tag? kernel and user-mode reverse engineering typically rely on different tools, different structures, different methods, so shouldn't something ...
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3 votes
1 answer

ida versus idapro tags ... the synonym should be the exact inverse, because it's not strictly synonymous

The irritating thing about it is that apparently Igor was the one to introduce the synonym. As he points out in this comment to another meta question: Actually, the official name of the program (...
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2 votes
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What's the purpose of the "plugin" tag?

The plugin tag is a little odd, and without usage or wiki content its purpose is unclear at least to me, and I suspect to other users as well. Here is some analysis: It currently has 11 questions in ...
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How should complementary tags be handled?

Consider unpacking versus packer. I think we should either stick to naming the entity (noun) or the method (verb) and there should be one covering the topic and its complement for something like the ...
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