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Upcoming site graduation: leaving beta on 2021-12-16

since the proposal in 2013, our site has steadily garnered interest and and influx of new community members. Igor also pointed out, that we probably owe the whole idea taking shape to Rolf pitching it ...
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What events would you like to participate in?

We recently concluded a two week long Twitter event, which was very successful. Based on the response, I think it would be great if we had one to two week long events every month. If successful, ...
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Are you following the official RE Twitter account?

If you're a Twitter fan and spend time retweeting questions, you may want to consider following @StackReverseEng. StackReverseEng is the official Reverse ...
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Keeping hardware powered up!

The tag hardware is a very rare tag on RE.SE HW questions make up just 6% of the total questions on the site. Seeing that reverse engineering hardware is in scope and in many cases, has overlapping ...
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