I just came across the tag tools. This tag seems very unspecific to me. Because in the end one can tag nearly every question with this tag. So I would vote to delete it or merge it with some more appropriate. What is your opinion here?

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Nowadays, the tag is no longer strictly used for tool recommendations. It occasionally accompanies general tool questions, a couple of examples: 1, 2, 3, 4. I've even sinned so myself partially because the unclarity of this tag.

I think we should edit the tag's name and wiki to make it clear that this tag should be used for general tool discussion and recommendations, and not used when a specific tool tag is more applicable.

As usual, I'll act upon it if this answer is upvoted.


I think the tag is necessary at this point. If you look at the questions, it is being used only when asking for tool recommendations (7 of 7 questions). We could replace it with similar to the software recommendations tag on AskUbuntu.

However, if this consistent usage does persist throughout beta, then I dont think there is any need to replace the tag.

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