I would like to once again put forward this old proposal. Let's activate syntax highlighting for RE.SE.

Currently it is not enabled.

  • There are plenty of examples of Python code for helper scripts in answers, including Angr-related, IDAPython and Python-based GDB scripts
  • There are pieces of various scripting languages, such as obfuscated and deobfuscated Javascript code
  • Java would be useful for certain Ghidra-related Q&As (but it also has some Python integration as well)
  • There are several questions which attempt to correlate C/C++ source code to disassembly
  • There are plenty of questions and answers with pseudo code that could probably be syntax highlighted as C/C++
  • IDC, the original IDA scripting language is close enough to C/C++ to benefit from syntax highlighting
  • Tags for some of the above (and below): , , , , , and & (for C/C++ pseudo code)

Concrete examples

For the record, JNat wrote in a comment over here, quote:

Have a discussion on Meta; once a consensus is reached, create a separate post for the actual request (pointing to the discussion and consensus) and [status-review] it as per this post. A CM will then evaluate your request and discuss next steps depending on their assessment.

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Is there anything that has to be done to enable it, or is it just decision based? Why it wasn't done already?

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    It's a decision the community has to make. We need to provide proof that there is need (which I hope I did) and then need to gather enough votes so we can go to the community managers and ask them to enable it. I frankly don't know what the exact threshold is, because I doubt a lot of those frequenting the community also lurk on meta.RE.SE ...
    – 0xC0000022L Mod
    Jan 30, 2023 at 22:07

I enabled the following default languages for tags. This is mostly thought as a reference for now:

  • -> lang-cpp
  • -> lang-c
  • -> lang-c
  • -> lang-py
  • -> lang-py
  • -> lang-java
  • -> lang-js
  • -> lang-cs
  • -> lang-cpp (debatable, but C++ is the better choice compared to C here)
  • -> lang-cpp
  • -> lang-c
  • -> lang-py
  • -> lang-pascal (no better match seems to exist)
  • -> lang-lua
  • -> lang-php
  • -> lang-cpp
  • -> lang-cpp (up for debate, we could also try lang-c, but this would also cover auto)
  • -> lang-sql
  • -> lang-golang
  • -> lang-vb
  • -> lang-py
  • -> lang-erlang

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