This is not a question but just a reminder that we have a site-wide chat which is currently somewhat underused.

  • Do you have a question but not sure if it's on-topic or how to formulate it properly to get good answers?
  • Do you want to share some new exciting development in the RE field?
  • Do you want to discuss an interesting question you saw on the site, or have some thoughts about running the site not quite fleshed out for a meta post?
  • Do you want just to chat with people with similar interests?

Come over to our general chat room!

NOTE: you need to have at least 20 reputation to join the chat.

If you forget the direct link, you can also reach it by going to https://chat.stackexchange.com/ while logged in or find it via the SE site switcher menu:

enter image description here

Feel free to discuss the chat in replies (or in the room).


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