Right now we have a tag. I would like to raise the question of whether we should keep it or not, and suggest we remove it.

If my answer gains enough upvotes and not too many downvotes/objections, I plan on removing the tag from all related questions and thus delete it. Other users are encouraged to argue against removing the tag or perhaps offer alternatives in additional answers.

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Right now the tag has a dozen questions, four of which by a single user, who's also relatively new to stack-exchange. Eleven out of the twelve questions were asked by a user of under 200 reputation points in RE.SE and only two other questions were opened by a single user with a reputation slightly above 100.

This tag seems somewhat redundant, as the entire site is about reverse-engineering and I can think of only a handful of questions that won't fit under it.

This tag also has neither usage guidance nor wiki content, and I find it hard to say those questions share any common ground (except, obviously, generally being about reverse engineering)


So there's a single closed question I couldn't remove the reverse-engineering tag of (because that would lead to 0 tags) and there's no appropriate tag for it. I flagged it for deletion, hoping that'd let us get rid of the tag. I also edited the tag's wiki to point out it is redundant.


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