The irritating thing about it is that apparently Igor was the one to introduce the synonym. As he points out in this comment to another meta question:

Actually, the official name of the program (since a few years ago) is just "IDA". "IDA Professional" is what was previously called "IDA Pro Advanced".

Considering there is IDA Professional, IDA Starter and a freeware version it would make more sense to call all of them "IDA" () instead of "IDA Pro" () which refers to a single edition out of three possibilities. In short: is a superset of and should be the one to use, unless we want to add other tags for the starter and freeware editions of IDA.

I know this is probably not going to be popular with the moderators, perhaps not with Igor either, but as a matter of fact it would be:

  • more correct
  • shorter
  • more inclusive

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I had a look at the IDA website, and the software comes in three versions as stated in the question, freeware, IDA Starter and IDA Professsional. IDA seems to be the correct tag that encompasses all these. Hence, is now the master tag. is the synonym.

I havent retagged the questions as of now.

  • thanks for the effort!
    – 0xC0000022L Mod
    Commented Jun 1, 2013 at 2:36

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